Appropriate Stiffness Or Support For Figure Skates

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You don’t need us to tell you that figure skating involves a lot of movement and the skater almost always moves. All that movement combined with the fact that the skates are the main equipment, skaters has to go for the ones that provide an adequate amount of support or stiffness. Kinzie Closet is an online store that can offer the apparel that you’ll need in skating, dancing and doing gymnastics. The best part is that they display and discuss information to help with your purchase.

Figure Skate Stiffness or Support

Whenever you’re choosing a new pair of figure skates, they are four main factors that you have to consider namely the skating level, height, weight and how often the person will use the skate. These four factors will help in determining the figure skates’ or boot’s ideal model stiffness. Basically, the stiffness is the overall amount of support that the manufacturers added into a specific model of figure skates. Take note that skates made for lower levels are less stiff and some of them are dubbed ‘soft skates’. These soft skates are literally what they’re called; they are skates that are incredibly soft which will be evident when you squeeze them.

Meanwhile, figure skates belonging to the top of the line category are incredibly stiff and were designed for adults to enhance their show executions like the triple jumps. Beginners who purchase these stiff skating boots usually quite because it causes great pain all the time and of course the boots don’t actually break down; it’s called ‘over booting’ and it can lead to considerable injuries especially during falls. Much like sizing, every manufacturer also offer various ways to determine the stiffness that they want for their products so better consult their guide before finalizing on a pair.