Benefits Of Wall Safes

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Every house has valuables that can’t be replaced; the most common ones would be jewelry, family heirlooms and legal documents. All of these would be a lot more protected if they were in a safe instead of a cabinet or a case. Safes are a great investment, but we do highly recommend a wall safe especially if your valuables can fit into them. Wall safes actually offer a considerable amount of advantages, as also stated by Beasts Live, and we’ll discuss them with you below.

Easier to Conceal

Wall safes can be hidden in more places compared to the big bulky safes; big bulky safes basically scream out ‘steal me, I have important stuff” or something like that. Wall safes can be hidden behind paintings, in walk-in closets and even behind bookcases.

Better Security

Since the wall safe is better hidden, that’s an obvious security advantage because thieves or unauthorized people searching for it will spend more time looking for the safe. The safes are securely bolted in the wall so it can’t be taken out without accessing bolts and these bolts are difficult to get a hold on thanks to the external flange that covers the way. Oftentimes, thieves like to grab and go but that can’t really be an option at wall safes.

Save Space

In reality, even if traditional safe manufacturers create and design attractive safes, they will be big and bulky and take up a considerable amount of space. Thus, wall safes come with the convenience of space and security.

Easier to Deliver

Wall safes can be delivered without every neighbor knowing what the delivery truck gave you. Bulky floor safes come in freight trucks and usually need numerous delivery men to get them in your house. If discretion is of importance, then seriously consider wall safes since they weigh less than a hundred pounds and are typically delivered by UPS.