Difference between Weed and Marijuana

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A lot of people get confused between weed and marijuana and they often end up searching the web for the difference. They find it hard to understand the legalities associated with weed and marijuana because they do not know the difference. In the United States of America, the government recently legalized weed for recreation use but some of the people are not sure if in California Marijuana is legal or not. 

So let us first look at Cannabis and Cannabis is the species name of the plant. There are many different varieties of cannabis available in nature and two of those remains to be the most important one. The most important plants are cannabis indica and cannabis sativa. So the fact is that Marijuana and Weed are same product and it is just that they are the different name of the same product hence it is completely legal to use Marijuana in California for medical as well as recreational purpose.

Going further, it is known that marijuana or weed is made by drying and crushing the flower and leaves of the cannabis plant. This substance has a psychoactive effect as it has THC and CBD. In addition to this, there are various ways of consuming weed. One of the most common ways is to mix it with tobacco and smoke it like a cigarette. It is also possible to use a smoking pipe and then there are many vaping liquids which come with the extracts of Marijuana. It is also possible to consume Marijuana in a form of tea after brewing it. The flavor and the effect of the weed are perfectly blended with the tea.

To conclude with, we can say that the weed and marijuana are the same things and in California, marijuana is completely legal to be used in any form.