Is Technology Valuable?

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All the people out there in the world are making the best use of technology. They are grabbing all the benefits of technology. They are so lost in grabbing the benefits that they forget that using technology in excess can be harmful to them. There are a lot of reasons why an individual should use technology, but there are genuine reasons why they should use it to the limit. If misused or used in excess can push them to experience the drawbacks.

Disadvantages of technology

  • Technology has replaced the human work. Machines have been manufactured, which is performing all the work done by a human in short time and efficiently. It has pushed the economy towards the unemployment. Technology has seized the employment of labourers.
  • As the technology is increasing, each country is working on developing the most destructive weapons. They are doing it because they want to be the most powerful country. This has led to a lot of destruction and endless wars. Even the terrorists are misusing it and using the weapons for attacking on citizens of another country.
  • Technology is used by almost every person; they are using it in order to make their work easy. They are so dependent on technology that they are not working on their own and it has reduced their creativity and intelligence.

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Studying the above cons of the technology does not mean that an individual should stop the use of technology. Rather a person should try to limit the use of technology. If a person uses the technology in right way they will able to get the best benefits of it. Overall, a person should use it but in the efficient way to earn the benefits and be safe from the drawbacks.