Minecraft Skins – The Skindex

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Minecraft has been considered as a classic game and players can’t get enough of it because of the freedom that it allows the players; there are no actual goals to accomplish and players can do everything and anything they want. You know what would add more to the fun? If your avatar was an alien or a monkey in a suit; this is actually a thing and players can choose any appearance for their avatar with the help of Skindex.

The Skindex

The Skindex is hosted by MinecraftSkins.com and once you access the website you’ll immediately see the latest Minecraft Skins. There are hundreds of skins available so it can be quite difficult to search for the one that you’d like. Players can either search for a skin they’d like or click on the page that displays top skins; the top skins are ranked according to the number of votes or thumbs up given to them by the users. For the frequent users and downloader of skins, there’s a page that exclusively displays all the latest skins available.

Players can change their avatar’s skin on Minecraft.net, just click on the upload to Minecraft option that’s found on the right part of any chose skin detail page. After installing the skin, the appearance of your avatar will change once you enter the game. Players can choose to downloaded skin directly on their computer. Just click the ‘download to computer’ button which is also located on the right side of the Minecraft Skin of your choosing.

The player will then be prompted to save the skin into a directory on the computer. In case you didn’t receive an Activation link from Skindex, just contact them. Send an email through their ‘Contact Us’ form, provide the email you used during sign up or your username.