Playing Clash Royale on Private Servers

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serveur privé clash royale download can be difficult to find since not every file you’ll see online works, some of them even contain files that can harm your device. Finding one that actually works can be frustrating; there are far more fake and ineffective private server downloads compared to authentic ones. This might not even be your first attempt at downloading a private server for Clash Royale and it’s quite tiring to download fake after fake files.

Features of Clash Royale Private Server

The Clash Royale Private Server available at is quite effective; you’ll be able to easily train troops and use the latest features so you can be ready for actual battles with your friends. Overall, Clash Royale is a fun strategic game where you can fight and destroy your enemies. The main reason why players try out private servers is the unlimited amount of in-game resources; players will be able to purchase all the troops, cards and updates that they need. Below are some of the advantages:

  • An unlimited amount of Gems and Elixirs so your avatar can live and spend like a king.
  • Unlike other authentic private servers, the connection issues here have been resolved to the maximum extent; connection issues arise mainly due to the overwhelming number of players that use the private server at a time.
  • All the latest troops are available for use like the Executioner and Electro-Wizard.
  • Players are now able to fight against other players.
  • The developers have added a lot more battles like the Group Clan Wars and Duel Arenas.

Keep in mind that we can’t totally avoid a number of cons like the server being automatically disconnected when it gets overloaded with players. Also, players tend to get bored after a few hour or days of playing since everything is within reach.