How to Use Giants Effectively in Clash of Clans

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The use of giants is a powerful strategy in Clash of Clans. Giants can easily fill the tank role than Barbarians since they have a bigger health and they are less bound to splash any attack from Wizard Towers and Mortars.

Giants also are excellent at distracting hits for their comrades and they can easily neutralize an enemy’s defensive power because they focus on targeting a defensive building. Here are strategies on how to use Giants effectively in Clash of Clans:

How to Use Giants Effectively in Clash of Clans

1. Use of Giants along with Goblins and Wall breakers

This strategy best works when it is used in a base that is heavily fortified and there are various resources available. First, deploy the Giants so as to trouble any defensive buildings. Then drop your Wall breakers closest to the walls you are supposed to breach. Visit Molossus and use the Clash of Clans cheats there.

Wall breakers are fragile, hence ensure that the defensive building nearby are distracted by the Giants. When the walls are breached, immediately release the offensive units such as Archers or Barbarians. This will help you in getting rid of the Goblins and defensive buildings in order to steal time.

2. Use of Giants and a few healers

This is another famous raiding strategy that effectively works in many bases. Basically, take out the air defense near you by using a few troops to distract the defensive walls. Then deploy Giants that will destroy the air defense and use the healers to heal back any damage inflicted on the Giants’ targets before them.

Given enough time, the Giants could destroy a well protected enemy base with just a few casualties. However, when using this strategy you have to be very careful since wall breakers could easily die and Giants could focus on a different target. In such an event, the healing spell keeps the Giants alive until when you can safely deploy the healer.