Where to Get Cheap Costume Jewelry

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Costume designers, dress makers and just about any person out there who has a talent for clothes would appreciate a place where they can buy cheap costume jewelry. Creating an intricate piece is not all that easy on the hands and the designs can really hurt your pocket. Since you are designing something elegant and intricate, everything is taken into account which includes the accessories from head to toe. It doesn’t feel all that pricey to assemble if you’re creating a single look but it’s a totally different story if you’re creating ten.


BaubleBar is an online shop dedicated in providing cheap costume jewelry for their customers worldwide. They strongly believe that you have to invest in these essentials and play up all the trends. No matter what the current trend might be, they have corresponding sets of jewelry that you can choose from; experimenting with style has never been this easy. Every piece of jewelry is designed at their headquarters in New York City; because they display new pieces every Sunday, customers have a chance to update their style on a weekly basis.

Once you’ve decided to order a handful of pieces from BaubleBar, you’ll have questions regarding how long they arrive and how they’re packaged. Well, typically orders are processed and delivered within 2-3 business days. But if you ordered custom pieces, then they might take a bit longer to arrive; these details are found in the product description. Each jewelry, or baubles as they call it, are individually wrapped and sealed before shipped. They highly recommend that you look into travelling pouches or organizers for jewelry storage. Customers can purchases these pouches from BaubleBar during checkout. You’ll be surprised by the products that BaubleBar customizes; from monograms to nameplates and of course travel pouches.