Where to Go for Insurance Coverage in Barrie?

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Insurances are definitely a must in our lives and if you can’t really afford to have every kind of insurance coverage then it’s just a matter of priority; there are insurance packages for a person’s health, home, automobile and more. Insurance Barrie is easy to locate and apply to once you have a good idea on which of the numerous insurance providers lives up to the quality that they promised. Slessor & Periard Insurance is a known insurance company that offers the kind of insurance that every person wants and needs.

Slessor & Periard Insurnace LTD.

Founded back in 1947, the company has consistently provided the ideal protection for residents in Barrie when it concerns their family, properties and well-being. A good percent of their clients are actually second generation, it goes to show that the customers have put great faith and trust in the company. As for their customer service representatives, everyone’s licensed and is required to continue in order to improve their education standards on insurances; advanced insurance programs are added into the requirement.

Slessor & Periard Insurance is able to boast the right to represent various insurance companies; among these are two insurance companies owned and operated by Canadians which have been around for more than 75 years. Because of the number of companies available, they’re able to offer a wide array of insurance products; packages anywhere from property insurance and auto insurance all the way to larger commercial insurances are available. Apart from doing an outstanding job for themselves in the industry, they’re also involved in dozens of charities within the community. If you’re interested in transacting with their company and want to know more about the products that they offer, all you have to do is pay a visit or call their customer service representative.